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Cats get dumped at rural properties all the time, and those cats multiply fast. We are excited to offer the only humane solution to this problem, called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). We will trap, spay/neuter, then return the cats to you so they can continue to earn their keep by catching rodents while preventing more cats from moving in.

LESS CAT PEE + LESS SUFFERING = AWESOME! Cats that are spayed and neutered are friendlier, healthier, happier and much easier to live with. Our property owners have been delighted when they no longer sit in feral cat urine every time they use their tractors, they don’t hear the melodic sounds of mating and fighting, they don’t find dead kittens lying around, and they have rodent populations controlled just like before. Best of all, they feel awesome knowing they are heroes to the cats they’ve humanely helped, simply by joining forces with their friendly neighbourhood cat ladies (and guys)!

HOW DOES IT WORK? We will need access to your property for 4-6 weeks to set up a small feeding station to catalog and trap the cats. Kittens and pregnant, sick or injured cats will be taken to our rescue facility to be cared for until they are healthy enough for adoption. The rest will be returned to you. Once we have spayed/neutered at least 75% of your cats, the colony will be stabilized and you will see numbers decline naturally over time.

We are offering this service to you for FREE. All we ask is that you pay it forward by becoming advocates for spaying and neutering, and looking after the remaining cats on your property so they can live happy, healthy lives.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Anyone with intact cats on their property is encouraged to sign up. We start at properties with the greatest need, so we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding if we aren’t able to help everyone as quickly as we would like to.

If you have questions or would like more information, send us an email. We are primarily working in the Fort Langley / Langley area.



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