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Please make sure you have read our Adoption page before you fill this out. And thank mew for wanting to give a loving home to a rescue cat or kitten!

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If you'd like to include a cover letter to give us a better sense of what life would be like in your home, include it here. The more information you provide about your household, the better we will be able to make sure you are being matched with the right cats or kittens for your lifestyle.

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BF - Josie
BF - Reva
Ricci - 1
Ricci - 2
Ricci - 3
Ricci - 4
Roseville- Gordon
Roseville- Mandarin

In the text box below, please indicate if you have 1st and 2nd choices, as well as whether you are open to others.

Why are you interested in these particular kittens?

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Would you describe your household as more active/energetic or more quiet/calm?

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List the pets you currently own, including species, gender and age.

Are all of your pets spayed/neutered?
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Is anyone in your home allergic to cats?
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Who will primarily be responsible for the care of the cats/kittens?

Will these cats/kittens be kept indoors, outdoors or a combination?
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Please describe what access to the outdoors they will have if they will not be strictly indoor cats

Please explain why they would be indoor, outdoor or a combination

How many hours per day will the cats/kittens be without human companionship?

How do you feel other pets will adjust to new additions?

Have you had cats before that are not currently with you? If so, what happened to them?

Have you had ever had pets with special needs? If so, what were their needs and how did you care for them?

What will you do with your cats when you are traveling or have an emergency?

What provisions have you made in the event you are no longer able to care for your cat(s)?

Under what circumstances would you consider declawing your cat(s)?

Will you be able to provide financially for your cat(s) for their lifetime, in sickness and in health?

Are you aware that cats can live up to 15 or 20 years? Are you prepared to make a lifelong commitment to these cat(s)? Do you have a plan in case of major life changes - having children, changes in health, loss of job, etc?

Are you and everyone in your household aware that it takes patience and care to properly introduce new cats to your existing pets? Will this be difficult for anyone in your household?

Under what circumstances would you surrender or rehome your cat(s)?

What would you do if your cat suddenly stopped using the litterbox consistently?

What would you do if your cat was scratching your furniture?

What would you do with your cat(s) if you had to move?

Have you ever rehomed or surrendered a cat? If so, why?

Would you be willing to undergo a home visit?
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Are you willing to create a Facebook, Instagram or other social media page to keep your cats' fans updated on how they are doing?
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Because of their time on the kittencam, our cats and kittens are loved by thousands of fans around the world. Please consider whether you are prepared for everything that entails. Having a celebrity kitten in the family can be a delightful experience, but it isn't for everyone. How do you feel about this?
Are you willing to be an advocate for responsible cat ownership, and spaying and neutering?

Thank mew so much for taking the time to fill out this application! We know it is long, but we are very committed to finding the very best homes for our babies, and this information helps us make the best possible matches!

We really appreciate your interest in giving a loving home to rescue cats and kittens!