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The Peanuts Colony

The Peanuts colony was challenging due to a delicate and complicated human situation. It took time and patience to gain trust and be allowed to access the property to help the cats. It started with us being allowed to drop off food and toys, and then became more than a year of late-night phone calls and frantic drives to pick up at-risk kittens. Eventually, we were able to work with the caregiver to start bringing in all of the kittens, and after proving ourselves, we were allowed to begin trapping the extremely skittish (and well fed) adults.

It took more than a year, but we managed to trap 89 cats from this massive colony. We were incredibly grateful to work with Anne at the Surrey Community Cat Coalition and the awesome team at VOKRA, plus some wonderful fosters, to get the majority of this colony socialized and into loving homes.

The new tenant LOVES the cats that were spayed/neutered and returned, and has taken over daily feeding duties along with helping us trap the last few unfixed cats. TinyKittens is continuing to provide food, support and medical care, and is thrilled to know this colony has now been stabilized.

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