Case Study #15: Chloe
pregnant, kidney disease, dental disease and pancreatitis
Chloe spent her life in a feral cat colony having litter after litter of kittens. She was pregnant when we trapped her, and gave birth to her final litter of five beautiful kittens in our care. One of her kittens, Aura, was born with a severe cleft palate. Read Aura's case study.

Chloe's body was depleted due to years of chronic pregnancy. We had been trying to trap her since January, when she started showing up more regularly at our feeding station. She was pregnant at that time, and we saw that she gave birth at the end of January. She must have lost her entire litter, because she was pregnant again within two weeks.

We were determined to trap her and make sure this was her last pregnancy ever.

She had a multitude of health issues when she arrived: kidney disease, pancreatitis and severe periodontal disease.

Chloe is now living the life of a pampered princess, like she always deserved.
We practice trap-neuter-return (TNR) to help humanely address the global cat overpopulation crisis, but in order to change the system that created the problem, we also need to address its root cause. We tell the stories of our ferals to prove they have value and change perceptions globally. As people's perceptions change, their compassion, connection and desire to take action grows. That means more spaying and neutering, more volunteers, more adopters, more advocates, more resources and more support within communities.

Trapping Chloe

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Skye drop
Trapping Skye, March 23 2016

Skye 2
Skye in the trap, March 23 2016

Bin of Safety Prototype at 1:27:00

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